$5 lunch plate at Poco’s is a great Lunch Deal in KC

By | August 10, 2012


Lunch (Photo credit: Salim Virji)

Everyone loves a home-cooked meal right? What about one that you don’t have to make? What about one you don’t even have to clean up after? Now that is life! Blair Stover has found the perfect place in Kansas City where you can have all of these things and at only $5 a plate.


Poco’s Latin Cuisine may not seem like it’s the best meal you can have at lunch but once you take a bite of your food, you will be convinced. Many of you may not remember Sanderson’s, Woolworth’s or even Nichol’s lunch counters but I can tell you that Poco’s is right up that alley. The All-American style that this restaurant is bringing has “blue-plate” all over it.


It is great because on any given day you might get a tostado and on another you may get a fajita. You can get refried beans and rice with it along with peas and carrots all for just $5. Can you honestly beat that anywhere else?


Poco’s restaurant was named after the owner’s mom whose nickname happened to be Poco. She died back in May of cancer which left Endicott, the owner, with the business. So if you are into a great Mexican-style restaurant with a fantastic family-feel, then Poco’s is the answer. The atmosphere is perfect, the prices are perfect, and you leave satisfied.


What is your favorite spot for lunch in KC? Share here and spread the lunch time wealth.

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