6 KC Chefs to Look Out For

By | September 11, 2012

Any person that lives in Kansas City, or at least has visited the city, will tell you that the place is known for its barbecue. What people don’t understand is that KC has a lot more to offer in the way of food. On one hand you have the simple, homemade dishes that your grandmother used to make and on the other you have the high-end culinary masterpieces that are made by some of the country’s best chefs. Blair Stover wants you to know the best places and the hottest chefs to look out for, including these top five celebrity chefs to visit while in KC.

Celebrity Chefs

If you are a Twitter fan, then you might want to “follow” these familiar faces in the KC area.

Michael Smith- @michaelsmithkc

Debbie Gold- @Debbie_Gold

Celina Tio- @celinatio

Lidia Bastianich- @LidiaBastianich

Colby Garrelts- @colbygarrelts

These people offer their own style of flavor and you would be surprised where you can find them. In fact, they make their own type of “celebrity” appearances sometime all over town because their food is so famous. Many people will call the culinary arts a science and in KC you will find plenty of it.

Michael Smith is the James Beard award-winning chef and owner of the Michael Smith Restaurant. Known for seafood and new American cuisine, Michael Smith’s restaurant is classy and a great place for a date night.

Debbie Gold owns The American Restaurant. Also specializing in American food, Debbie Gold’s food is as wonderful as the view.

Celine Tio, also a James Beard recipient, is the culinary artist at Julian. With “feel good food” front and forefront, Julian is said to have a sophisticated, but comfortable, atmosphere.

Craving Italian? There’s no better place than at Lidia’s in Kansas City. Lidia specializes in great, hearty food that won’t leave you at all hungry when you leave.

Colby Garrelts is the star chef at Bluestem, a fine dining restaurant featuring wine and progressive American cuisine.

There is hardly a better set of chefs in the heartland and you can ask any native Kansas City person. If you’ve been to any of these restaurants, let us know in the comments what you liked, didn’t like, and if you’d recommend it.


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