A Guide to the American Royal

By | November 3, 2012

 If you know anything about Kansas City, you know that it is famous for two things: it’s rich history in sports and it’s fascinating barbecue. But don’t just turn your head and walk away thinking that is all the city has to offer.

The American Royal has over 40 activities that cover everything from barrel racing to debutante balls. In fact, for over 110 years, the show is the one of the longest standing iconic things America has to offer, and continues this month until the 17th. Blair Stover has more on the great Kansas City event.

If you love meat, then the World Series of Barbecue is an event you do not want to miss. At least 75,000 people come out to view the event, which lasts only three days, and they eat until they can’t eat anymore. The festivities start on a Friday night where teams and sponsors kickoff the party and begin the challenge to see who is the best. Of course, it is by invitation only but on Saturday the fun begins with concerts, fireworks, cooking demos and plenty of food to eat. Sunday is mainly for judging purposes but everyone is welcome!

The parade is what officially kicks off the American Royal festivities and it is truly what sets the tone for everything. It starts around 10 am and the energy that comes from the parade and its viewers are astounding. There are usually well over 100 entrants that participate in the parade every year.

As an added bonus there are even livestock shows, horse shows and even rodeos during the American Royal. There are plenty of reasons to attend and very few as to why you shouldn’t. So get on out there and enjoy the fun!

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