A Look at RevolveKC

By | December 3, 2012

RevolveKC, the converted nonprofit bike shop for the community of Kansas City, used to be an old Standard Oil gas station at the corner of Troost Avenue and 51st Street. When it opened back in 1930, no one would’ve guessed that 80 years later it would’ve turned into one of the most important nonprofit organizations that the area would ever need. Blair Stover has more on this amazing transformation below.

Elizabeth Bejan, the CEO of the nonprofit organization, is all about getting bicycle safety out there to the public, one way or the other.

Bejan is someone that you would normally see playing sports or doing outdoor activities too. Standing at six feet tall, she has a slender but strong build that fears no one and nothing. She is definitely the person you want in front of your bicycle group leading the pack, especially if you are a beginner.

You would think that she only instructs children, right? Well that isn’t the case. With money being as tight as it is, more and more people are turning to bicycles for an alternative mode of transportation. But the old saying that, “once you ride a bike, you never forget how”, isn’t exactly true. Bejan says that everyone needs a little brushing up sometimes and that is what she is there for.

Bejan has volunteers that help her from Rockhurst University who help with locking up the bikes and even help out with training and tutorials. Volunteers will do everything from rocking infants and taking care of toddlers to translating so they can understand what Bejan is saying.

With the goal to get people outside, out of cars, and on bikes, RevolveKC continues to push bicycle education under Bejan’s leadership. Today, the bike shop is not only loved by the community but so is the cause.

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