Apocalypse Meow 5: A Benefit for the Musician’s Emergency Health Care Fund

By | November 17, 2012

The annual fundraiser by the Midwest Music Foundation was set as the 5th Apocalypse Meow fundraiser, taking place on Friday, November 2 and then again on Saturday, November 3.

If you have never seen the two-day events before, you should definitely take in next year’s events, as this year’s event was a great one, for a good cause to boot. The event was held to raise capital for the Musician’s Emergency Health Care Fund. If you love music and you want to do something great for charity, this is the perfect thing to pencil in for next year.

This year’s event saw folks gather at Midwestern Musical Co. and kick it all off by seeing great bands like Cadillac Flame, The Empty Spaces and School of Rock. People came to see Dead Voice, the Blue Boot Heelers and the big sound of Tiny Horse. Everything was free, but any and all donations were encouraged.

On Saturday, the festivities  cost $10.00, a price that proved to be well worth it. The age group was nine and up until 9pm and there were  numerous bands that have frequented the area and have made their name in Kansas City.

The event this year was a popular as ever and was a fantastic way to enjoy music and help out a good cause. Did you go? If so, what was your favorite part? What are some other music events going on in KC during the holidays? Let us here at Ablairstover know!

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