Best Tourist Spots in Kansas City

By | December 11, 2009

Kansas City is Missouri’s largest and most populous city and the main city of the 15-county Kansas City Metropolitan Statistical Area. It is the 29th largest metropolitan area in America with over 2 million people. When in Kansas City, be sure to check out these famous tourist attractions:

Worlds of Fun – offers family entertainment in over 175 acres of thrilling rides and great attractions. For roller coaster lovers, there’s the Boomerang, Timber Wolf, Spinning Dragons and Mamba which is considered one of the world’s top 25 roller coasters. Other popular attractions are Fury of the Nile and The Detonator, a ride that shoots riders up 200-foot towers. There are also plenty of kiddie rides too. Spend an entire day there with but remember to wear a good pair of walking shoes.

Kansas City Zoological Park – or the Kansas City Zoo is the 10th largest zoo in the USA and was named as one of America’s best zoos in 2008. This place is a must for nature lovers and attracts 700,000 people every year. It is divided into sections named after areas of the world from Africa to Australia. A guided train tour allows visitors to see the highlights of the park.

Historic Downtown Liberty – takes you back to a small town in mid-America that has 240 preserved homes and buildings built over a hundred years ago. Have your fill at different local, non-chain restaurants including a coffee bar in a book store, a restaurant in a former hardware store and an international restaurant. For shoppers and souvenir hunters, there are several shops that sell clothes, furniture, antiques, jewelry and flowers.

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