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Fall Food Festivals in KC

By | November 6, 2012

If you know anything about Kansas City, you know that the city is known for its barbecue. However, do not let that fool you into thinking that is all KC is known for. The area knows how to please its people and guests with food. Blair Stover has a list of food festivals below that […]

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A Guide to the American Royal

By | November 3, 2012

 If you know anything about Kansas City, you know that it is famous for two things: it’s rich history in sports and it’s fascinating barbecue. But don’t just turn your head and walk away thinking that is all the city has to offer. The American Royal has over 40 activities that cover everything from barrel […]

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Your Guide to The Best Burgers in KC

By | September 28, 2012

If you are a burger fanatic like I am then you are always looking out for the best burger joint in every city. Kansas City happens to have some of the best variety anywhere and we are pleased to compile, here on Blair Stover, all the “juicy” details of the city’s best burgers. Best Gourmet […]

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Farm-Fresh Restaurant Spots in KC

By | September 17, 2012

The one food Kansas City is known for is its barbecue, everyone knows that. However, there are plenty of “farm-fresh” restaurants that will leave you speechless after a sit-down meal. Blair Stover has picked seven great restaurants to tell you about and here they are: Justus Drugstore- Just a short drive from KC, Justus Drugstore […]

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Museum Dining in Kansas City

By | September 14, 2012

Kansas City and art go hand in hand. The city is internationally recognized with museums that have become the standard in the art world.  However, in today’s market it isn’t just the museums that have the notoriety, the restaurants that are located in these Kansas City museums have the world buzzing as well. Here are […]

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6 KC Chefs to Look Out For

By | September 11, 2012

Any person that lives in Kansas City, or at least has visited the city, will tell you that the place is known for its barbecue. What people don’t understand is that KC has a lot more to offer in the way of food. On one hand you have the simple, homemade dishes that your grandmother […]

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Enjoy The Dining Scene, Kansas City Style

By | September 4, 2012

Anyone that knows anything about Kansas City knows that barbeque is the city’s signature food. However, there is more to the area than just the sweet smell of pork and you can see it as soon as you enter the city limits. The dining scene engulfs what KC is all about culturally and spiritually, ranging […]

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Kansas City Night Life: 7 New Spots to Visit

By | August 27, 2012

Ever since the dawn of the Jazz era, Kansas City has been a great place for nightlife. Nowadays, there are so many choices for fun outings, that you practically need to work from a list. Here’s the list: The top two places out of our chosen seven are Downtown and Westport, which will come as […]

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Tap Room Restaurant will Feature a Home Grown Menu

By | August 20, 2012

Everyone loves a good mea,l and Kansas City’s very own Anton Kotar says that his food is going to be locally sourced. In fact, it means that he will be going downstairs or outside to his backyard. His “Tap Room Restaurant” around mid-August at 1610 Main Street and is going to feature everything from steaks […]

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The National Controversy Involving Chick-fil-A has Reached Kansas Universities

By | August 17, 2012

By now you should have heard how Chick-fil-A has caused a stir in the gay public eye. If you haven’t then you are in for a treat, especially if you are on a number of Kansas Universities. Dan Cathy, who is the sitting President of Chick-fil-A restaurant, said that he supported what the bible says […]

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