Farm-Fresh Restaurant Spots in KC

By | September 17, 2012

The one food Kansas City is known for is its barbecue, everyone knows that.

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However, there are plenty of “farm-fresh” restaurants that will leave you speechless after a sit-down meal. Blair Stover has picked seven great restaurants to tell you about and here they are:

Justus Drugstore- Just a short drive from KC, Justus Drugstore isn’t your typical restaurant. Located near the KCIA (KC International Airport), this Smithville drugstore restaurant isn’t your everyday dining experience. They have that, “we make everything from scratch” attitude and that is exactly what they do. In fact, the NY Times, Food & Wine and Travel + Leisure (all three) were impressed with the quality.

  1. Blue Bird Bistro- If you love a historic setting, then this is the restaurant for you. The Blue Bird is housed in a beautiful 1880’s historic building and the food is just as historic. Even though the menu seems simple, this innovative restaurant is making waves all through the Missouri food district.
  2. Julian- Considered a new eatery, this Brookside restaurant is a woman’s answer to comfort food. If you are a fan of pot roast, shepherd’s pie, sweetbread and mac n’ cheese- then this is the spot for you.
  3. The Farmhouse- The River Market neighborhood is home to this semi-new restaurant. It is special because it buys and uses local meats and vegetables.
  4. Blanc Burger + Bottles- Blanc’s debuted a couple years ago and ever since then the restaurant has been a hit. In fact, last March the restaurant was named the “National Burger” champion and that isn’t a small feat.
  5. Westside Local- The prices can’t be beat here and the eclectic artwork covering the walls will keep you coming back for more. The urban location is perfect for anyone and the ingredients are a must for any plate.
  6. The 715- The downtown Lawrence restaurant is not your typical European-style eatery. The chefs actually hire local farmers to produce their vegetables and meats. Maybe that is why their food is so great?
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