Feed Your Sweet Tooth at These KC Chocolate Spots

By | July 16, 2012


Chocolates (Photo credit: J. Paxon Reyes)

Kansas City is known for a lot of things – its baseball and football major league teams, its succulent barbeque and it even has one of the largest outdoor shopping venues in the United States. But did you know that the city is also well known for the grip it has on the chocolate world? That is right, Kansas City has a sweet tooth and they are looking to share their goodies with you!

These are some of the tastiest chocolates, perhaps, in the country, that we’ve been able to compile here at A. Blair Stover:

–       Russell Stover- Everyone has heard of the name as it is the 3rd biggest in the country. In fact, the Stover’s opened their Kansas City stores in 1924 – just a year after their grand opening in Denver.

–       Artisanal Chocolate from Christopher Elbow - If you are looking for gourmet chocolates, then you won’t have to look any further than Christopher Elbow. The serve their chocolate with French lavender, fresh rosemary and a touch of Spanish saffron and that is only the start.

–       Andre’s Confiserie Suisse - This old-style European sweet shop is something everyone has to experience when visiting KC.

–       Chip’s Chocolate Factory - KC Fudge is one of the most popular products that the city has to offer and it is now available in over 30 different flavors.

–       Annedore’s Fine Chocolates - This place can make anything out of chocolate- toothbrushes, calculators and even golf balls. What more can you ask from a chocolate company?

–       Bogdon’s Candy - Created in 1945, this company was made because a bride wanted to give a treat to her guests and asked a local candy maker, Walter Bogdon, to make it. Candy Sticks were invented and customers started wanting them by the case.

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