Google Fiber’s New Location In Kansas City

By | August 23, 2012


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Blair Stover reports that Google Fiber and Kansas City Googleplex put on an event in  Westport near state line roads. The area of State Line Road and Westport Road is buzzing with activity. Google is finishing up a new facility at the northeast corner of the intersection.

This location falls directly behind the KCMO/KCK border. The intersection of Volcer /Midtown is adjacent to this border. For those who live in the area, the area used to the contract crews has seen a lot of business in the recent months.

One well-known home has undergone some rehab in recent times. The home which once began to Scott Fitness is being remodeled. Currently, it sits lacking furniture. With Google Fiber being the new tenant of this building, we must wait until the event takes place to find out the actual purpose and use of the new Kansans City Googleplex.

As a reminder, Google has only agreed to go into neighborhoods, also known as firehoods, when a considerable amount of residents who expressed interest by preregistration. Fiber will not be available to those neighborhoods who did not meet this significant number. Therefore, if you are interested, rally your neighbors and start the petition sign in process.


Equity issues have already been raised with the neighborhood registration process. So far, wealthy areas near the Ward Parkway corridor or gentrified parts of Midtown have been registered. Areas of low income will have a more difficult time taking advantage of the free internet service offer. They do not have enough people registered to warrant the free service. Not enough people registered prior to the end of the offer.


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