Halloween in KC

By | October 5, 2012

Out-of-towners are often surprised to find that Kansas City is known by some as the capital of Halloween Haunts. With haunted houses a plenty, one can find Hollywood-grade prosthetics, ideas which capitalize on vulnerabilities and phobias, one is sure to have a frightfully fun evening with the many choices of scary attractions.

The big daddy of the haunted house boom is The Edge of Hell. This came to be in 1975 at the location of 7th and Wyandotte, and has since been relocated. A string of haunted house attractions were inspired by the success of The Edge. Over a dozen additional thrillers followed suit by the early 80s. These attractions have become a Halloween tradition in Kansas City. Blair Stover will describe some of the most popular.

The Edge of Hell works off of the story line of one who is ascended to heaven, only to sink to purgatory and then slide into hell. The favorite part for most is the five story spiral slide. The scariest part for most is the electric shocking and the sight of one of the largest continental anacondas in captivity. Yikes!

Another popular attraction is known as The Beast. This storyline takes you on a walk through a Louisiana mansion as you make your way to a bayou swamp. Suddenly you will find yourself in Jack Ripper’s London within a medieval castle. After ascending the tower, you will take a four story slide down to present day. You will encounter a living alligator, werewolves, Jack the Ripper, and a murderer with a working chainsaw.

Another popular attraction is The Chambers of Edgar Allen Poe, where the stories come alive. Fears you will encounter include suffocation, extreme claustrophobia, and the sense of being buried alive.

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