Holiday Shows in Kansas City

By | December 13, 2011

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As the origin of many of America’s favorite forms of recreation, from jazz music to eating barbequed meats, Kansas City has a special place in the hearts of travelers. That’s why holiday season is so special. The city shows off its entertainment acumen with a strong list of fantastically fun things to do.

Holiday time means carriage rides on the Plaza. While you can rent a carriage almost any time of year, the chilly weather and threat of picturesque snowfall makes a January ride a must. And you won’t be straining your wallet either, as you cruise through the gorgeous Country Club Plaza and see all the sights.

Since the weather has been unseasonably warm this winter, there is no better time to tour nearby Independence’s historic areas like the Truman home and many others. And if you are a tourist, Kansas City is one of the best museum and art gallery locations in all of the United States. That’s not hometown hype either, as many national cultural surveys rank K.C. at the top of their lists year after year.

From December through January, many of the local playhouses host holiday-themed shows and revues. There is never a shortage of theatre fare if you are in Kansas City. Crown Center, the American Jazz museum, the Kauffman Center, and the American Heartland theater all have special holiday or Christmas-themed shows.

Two of the biggest Christmas season events in Kansas City are free. Namely, the Mayor’s Christmas tree and the Plaza lights. People come from all over the world each year to witness the lighting of the Plaza, and have been doing so for over five decades. In fact, many cities around the globe have imitated the tradition, bedecking a local shopping area with Christmas lights and hyping the lighting ceremony like there’s no tomorrow.

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