Kansas City Fun Facts

By | July 21, 2010

Kansas City is home to fantastic people, great companies and amazing food. As the 29th largest city in the United States, this metropolitan area is a great place to live or visit. Did you know the following about Kansas City?

1.  It has more restaurants dedicated to barbecue per capita than any other American city.

2.  Kansas City originally ignored alcohol prohibition, giving rise to a unique culture of gambling halls and jazz clubs. Also, the jam session originated here.

3.  Russell Stover Candies, the largest maker of boxed chocolates, and Interstate Bakers, which makes Wonder Bread and Twinkies, are both based out of Kansas City.

4.  The Kansas City Chiefs Stadium, known as Arrowhead Stadium, had the first scoreboard to ever show instant replay.

5.  Kansas City is also known as The City of Fountains, because it claims to have the most fountains in the world, second only to Rome.

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