Kansas City Parks

By | April 18, 2011

Kansas City has some very beautiful parks that you can choose to visit if you find yourself in this city, or if you are seeking a place to go that offers a rich taste of nature and the outdoors. There are several parks that are located in and around Kansas City that have much to offer to visitors and residents alike. Much like the setting of the city and the state, the parks are very green, lush and inviting.

Shawnee Mission ParkShawnee Mission Park

This park is rather large and sits on about 1,250 acres of green paradise. Its bond was originally issued in 1956 with the dedication of the park taking place in 1965. It is, in fact, the county’s largest park, and it attracts the most visitors annually as well. The park offers fishing, boating and sail boarding on its 120-acre lake. There are dozens of picnic areas, hiking trails, horseback riding trials and areas for play. There is even a marina, a beach that allows swimming and an archery range.

Fleming Park

The largest park in Jackson County, Fleming Park is a whopping 7,800 acres of greenness. And it attracts more than a million visitors every year. There is much to do when you are at this park including: 2 large lakes and marinas, beaches, hiking trails, fishing, boat rentals and boating (including sailing), picnic areas and camping spots. It also is home to Missouri Town 1855 (historically reconstructed village), and an animal preserve with elk and bison.

Swope Park

The first and one of the largest parks in Kansas City is Swope Park. Colonel Thomas Swope generously donated this park in 1896, and it now is the host to the Kansas City Zoo, the Blue River Golf Course, the Starlight Theatre, the Swope Memorial Golf Course and the Lakeside Nature Center. It also features plenty of picnic areas for families as well as numerous centers for athletes.

Loose Park

Considered by many residents to be the most beautiful park in the city, Loose Park is very Loose Parkserene. It offers a lake, tennis courts, picnic areas and a wading pool for visitors. Don’t miss the Rose Garden, a famous and very popular attraction to this park. It also features markers from the Civil War, too.

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