Kansas vs. Kentucky

By | April 19, 2012

For the first time since way back in 1998, and for the eighth time in their team’s history, the Kentucky Wildcats are the national college basketball champions. On paper, and based on the Wildcats’ shooting ability early in the game, this contest looked to be an ultra-close match. In the end, as Ross Perot might say, the devil was in the details, and Kentucky ended up on top with a decisive 67-59 win.

Kentucky’s Anthony Davis started out slow but man oh man did he finish fast, with six blocks, five assists, 16 rebounds and a trio of steals. In fact, the phenom did not make a field goal until there was a mere five minutes and change left on the clock. Note that Davis had not scored a single point during the first half of the first half.

Named the game’s most outstanding player, the 6-foot-10 Davis was clearly a leader in every imaginable way for this world champion team. The bad news for the Wildcats is the fact that both Kidd-Gilchrist and Davis might turn pro next season, but that domino has not yet fallen.

Tom Robinson, the Jayhawks’ secret weapon, was chased around like a mouse in a cat’s lair throughout the game, but somehow managed to bag 18 points, 17 rebounds, and go home with his pride intact. Just. In the second half Robinson was a major factor in the typical KU comeback sequence, but the usual outcome for the Jayhawks was not to be, though Robinson and Company did whittle the Wildcats’ lead to a slim five points with less than two minutes remaining.


After Kentucky holed out with a quintet of free throws, the battle was all over but for hauling away the wounded and stunned. To paraphrase a thousand or so fans and players from around the college circuit, KU’s strategy of waiting to be down by 20 points before they get serious is not a smart game plan. It certainly did not work for them against a superior, braver, and more aggressive Kentucky team.

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