McDonald’s Getting Banned from the Truman Medical Center in KC?

By | August 15, 2012

English: McDonalds' sign in Harlem.

It seems like the CEO of Truman Medical Center is finally getting the picture that fast food doesn’t belong in a hospital. People wonder why fast food restaurants were put in medical facilities in the first place. The two just do not mix, and now action is being taken.


Diabetes, heart attacks, obesity and high blood pressure are just a few things that come along with eating at a McDonalds and any other fast food joint. But what is the real story behind kicking McDonalds out?


Missouri ranks up there in one of the worst states for every one of the above mentioned diseases and Truman Medical Center gets swamped with new cases every day. The Medical Center thinks that by closing the restaurant down, it will improve the health of their patients.


If the Truman Center really wanted to make a dent in health, they should shut down ALL fast food restaurants everywhere. Sadly, that won’t happen and in a world with declining resources, schools and hospitals offer more and more fast food alternatives every day. The only problem is that health care is cutting costs and it is outpacing tax revenues.


Hopefully, the Truman Center can figure out a healthier option for its patients. For the meantime it looks like it is fast food for everyone and, along with it, heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes and so on.


What do you think – is getting rid of the McDonald’s helpful, or is it just a drop in the bucket of a larger issue? Tell us here at Blair Stover what you think in the comments below.



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