SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium

By | September 7, 2012

Animal enthusiasts will want to make the trip to Kansas City’s new aquarium.

A blacktip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopter...

The SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium opened its doors in April of this year. Entering this aquarium, you will be transported into the unbelievable underwater worlds. Visitors are taken on a two to three hour journey through fresh waters of the Missouri River, on to the impressive Mississippi River, out into the warm, blue coral- filled waters of the Caribbean Sea, and ending in the deep mysterious abyss of the Atlantic Ocean.

Visitors will be able to be face to face with sharks, as well as come surprisingly close to observe everything from seahorses to starfish. Additionally, a dramatic tropical ocean tank acts as centerpiece to the aquarium. This gigantic tropical ocean tank encompasses an underwater walk-through tunnel. It is amazing that one could be this close to the wildlife without getting wet!

The SEA LIFE center is the fifth of Merlin SEA LIFE attractions to open throughout the Unites States. The SEA LIFEE  at Crown Center exemplifies the many qualities which have built support for this brand, as well as the endorsements of marine experts around the world.

Blair Stover offers fun facts about SEA LIFE. Visitors will encounter over five thousand wonderful sea creatures in thirty remarkable displays. The aquarium holds more than 260,000 gallons of water in its 28,000 square feet. White sharks get up close and personal in the walk through tunnel. Experiences with crabs and starfish are available in the touchpools. Informational feed shows and fun talks are given throughout the day.

Just some of the sea creatures you can encounter at SEA LIFE include jellyfish, seahorses, Zebra Shark, Blacktip Shark, Cow Nosed Rays, Nemos (clownfish) and Common Octopus.

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