Summer Weekends in Kansas City

By | August 17, 2011

Kansas City, Missouri, is uniquely suited to entertain you during the summer months. The city’s mild seasonal weather, combined with beautiful starlit nights, will have you wondering how this traveler’s dream does not get more notice. Whether you are a theater buff, a train lover, or art expert, there is something in Kansas City to interest you on any given summer weekend.

Starlight Theater

Starlight Theater has been entertaining locals for more than a half-decade, bringing Broadway shows and musical acts to the outdoor, evening stage. Reasonable prices, gorgeous night skies, and top-level shows combine to make Starlight one of River City’s most beloved attractions.

If trains are your thing, this is the center of the universe, sporting a modern rail station alongside one of the most storied, historic train stops in all of American history. Take a look at some of the highest ceilings in the U.S., while viewing one of Union Station’s many summertime exhibits.

The Nelson-Atkins art museum houses one of the world’s finest collections of Renaissance works, in addition to masterpieces from ancient China, India, and lesser known regions. During the summer weeks, Nelson features a free Shakespeare festival on its gigantic outdoor lawn. Part festival, part play, the Bard’s works are surrounded by educational exhibits that make the plays a bit more understandable for those of us who have trouble with thee’s and thou’s.

Cool off at the local theme parks, Worlds Of Fun and Oceans Of Fun, stalwarts of

Oceans of Fun in Kansas City

the regional scene. Whether you just want to sit back and enjoy the wave pools, or down some antacid before boarding a mega-roller coaster, Worlds Of Fun is

the place to visit. Day passes are reasonably priced, and both parks offer restaurants with full menus for the whole family.

Summer is, after all, the best time to visit Kansas City.


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