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The Beast in KC

By | October 15, 2012

Founded back in 1991, Kansas City’s “The Beast” is known as America’s largest haunted house attraction. The house pioneered its “open format” designs, where its visitors are actually not standing or walking in line while in the house. Instead you are wandering throughout the scenes, never really knowing when a haunted specter or activated scene […]

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Halloween in KC

By | October 5, 2012

Out-of-towners are often surprised to find that Kansas City is known by some as the capital of Halloween Haunts. With haunted houses a plenty, one can find Hollywood-grade prosthetics, ideas which capitalize on vulnerabilities and phobias, one is sure to have a frightfully fun evening with the many choices of scary attractions. The big daddy […]

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Haunted Houses in Kansas City

By | August 6, 2012

Kansas City is known for a lot of things- BBQ, sports teams and its history. What usually goes along with a storied history like one such as Kansas City? You guessed it. Ghosts!   Every state, actually every country, has its share of haunted houses or places. The dead seem to walk the earth in […]

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