Tap Room Restaurant will Feature a Home Grown Menu

By | August 20, 2012

Everyone loves a good mea,l and Kansas City’s very own Anton Kotar says that

Eye fillet of grass-fed beef.

Eye fillet of grass-fed beef. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

his food is going to be locally sourced. In fact, it means that he will be going downstairs or outside to his backyard.

His “Tap Room Restaurant” around mid-August at 1610 Main Street and is going to feature everything from steaks to vegetarian items. But that is not the cool part- it has two sides. One side is the restaurant and the other side is a butcher shop and it will feature grass-fed beef and the best in Missouri pork.

Wait, there is more! The restaurant has levels as well, and the lower level has Kotar raising tilapia by using fish water as the fertilizer for herbs. This is used as a sustainable food source and production system which is called aquaponics. Kotar says that he eventually wants to grow lettuce down there as well.

There are other issues that need to be brought up though, and that is noise but it has nothing to do with Kotar. In fact, it has something to do with the Rock Café located on W. 39th Street. They were cited in mid-July for not complying with the noise code and they were actually warned in June for the same thing but failed to heed the warning. They can continue to sell food and drinks that are pre-packaged only.

Longbranch Ale House is under new ownership again. If you remember, Lou Piniella once owned it but sold it back in 1995. However, a sign on the door stated that by August 11, 2012 the 9905 Metcalf Ave location will have new owners.

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