The Beast in KC

By | October 15, 2012

Founded back in 1991, Kansas City’s “The Beast” is known as America’s largest haunted house attraction. The house pioneered its “open format” designs, where its visitors are actually not standing or walking in line while in the house. Instead you are wandering throughout the scenes, never really knowing when a haunted specter or activated scene is going to spring into action. When you go to this Kansas City attraction, you aren’t just walking through the house but rather you become a part of it!

For the most part, it will take you about 45 minutes to an hour to get through the Beast, and that is IF you happen to not get lost in the deep fog while wandering in the Werewolf Forest, veered towards the light inside the light tower or stuck in the maze. The exit is made up of a four-story slide, not to mention it is a straight drop (pretty much) and it’s faster than a lot of people might think!

The Werewolf Forest is about a 1/4 acre and will require its visitors to find the exit in complete darkness. The great thing about it is the fact it has every abandonment issue a person could think of. Every half hour, werewolves will scour the forest to help any hysterical guests that haven’t found the exit. There is a storm scene that has thunder and lightning which will make your hair literally stand on end plus numerous other scenes.

Blair Stover has a couple of suggestions: If your children have frequent nightmares- don’t bring them. And if don’t want to be videotaped or if you have extensive phobias, you might want to stay home.

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