Three June Events Around KC

By | May 30, 2012

If you are in or around the Kansas City area on the following dates, you should definitely take the time out see what the fuss is all about. These three June events will not only give you a fun-filled day but they will also show you what the beautiful city has to offer. Take a look and see if these activities might interest you:

  1. Antioch Park’s Pirate Treasure Hunt on June 15th – The Parks and Recreation Department from Johnson Country bring you an action-packed half day for your kids who are between the ages of 8 and 12. This is no ordinary treasure hunt either. The “mini pirates” will be equipped with treasure maps as well as GPS systems so they can find their hidden treasures. Meet up at 1 pm at Building A at Antioch Park or call 913-831-3359 for further details. There is a small cost involved of $10 for people who live in the county and $11 for people who do not.
  2. Scavenger Hunt for Gnomes – No, this isn’t a scavenger hunt designed for gnomes but this is for people of all ages to come and search for them! The Parks & Recreation Department of Johnson County wants everyone to participate in the search for missing gnomes and this is going to take place on June 14 at 130pm. This 2-hour event will cost each member $9 no matter the age. Show up at the Sante Fe Park on Sante Fe Drive in Overland Park or you can call 913-831-3359 for more details. Be sure you are ready because whoever finds all 10 gnomes will win the grand prize!
  3. Annual “In Step/In Shape Walk on June 13 – Shawnee Mission Park will be the host of the annual healthy walk and participants will need to check in at 9am at the Pavilion. After the walk is done, everyone will be treated to a lunch and a guest speaker will be there as well. Vendors, door prizes and activities will also be available so get your walking shoes ready because it is going to be a blast! Call the Parks & Recreation Department for more details 913-831-3359.

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