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By | June 19, 2012

Kansas City is known for its thriving art scene, famed barbecue, shopping, nightlife, world-renowned Jazz and other styles of entertainment. Plainly put, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a visitor or a tourist to the area.

Below are just a few places to visit and things to do in the beautiful area that is Kansas City.


English: Country Club Plaza (view from 47th St...

English: Country Club Plaza (view from 47th Street at Wornall Road), Kansas City, Missouri (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1.     Kansas City BBQ – If you ask somebody that lives in Kansas City what is the one thing that they do better than anyone else in the U.S., they will tell you it is cooking barbecue. So be sure you check out any of the number of BBQ restaurants located around the city.

2.     Presidential Library of Harry S. Truman – This 33rd president of the U.S. was also a native of Missouri. The library is home to a pew to full collection of artifacts that range from Truman’s birthplace to articles from throughout his Presidency.

3.     Country Club Plaza – This area has great restaurants and amazing shops and actually was the country’s first outdoor entertainment and dining district. There are over 170 restaurants and shops located here.

4.     Kansas City Zoo – The thing that sets this zoo apart from any other zoo in the country is the fact that it has IMAX theatre adjoining the zoo. In fact, there are over 900 animals covering 200 acres.

5.     Riverboat Casinos – It doesn’t matter if you’re a gambler or not, the KC riverboat casinos are perfect for shopping, entertainment and dining.  They boast everything from the movie theaters to concert venues to restaurants to spas and hotels.  If you’re a fan of Harrah’s, well, you’re in luck because the mega-casino has joined up with Moby’s (seafood) for a perfect atmosphere of dining and gambling.

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